.::Welcome to The FreeBSD Stake Pool [FBSD]::

Welcome to The FreeBSD Stake Pool [FBSD] – A pool that celebrates the use of *BSD systems within the cardano blockchain. We use FreeBSD, but we hope this encourages other BSD systems to spinup on the blockchain. Our stake pool running FreeBSD provides a rigorously secure and reliable infrastructure that brings a stable and secure platform for which to stake and earn interest within the blockchain.

Our FreeBSD nodes are :

  • Fully compiled & built from source (currently 13-Stable)
  • Harden at the OS level, optimized for performance
  • Streamlined w/ a lightweight kernel – we only keep what’s needed
  • Deployed with Ansible for rapid scaling of additional nodes

Rest assured! The operator(s) of this stake pool have years of Unix experience both corporate and personal and holds a BSD Certification from the Linux Professional Institute and BSD Certification Group. We encourage more stake pool operators to help decentralize the Cardano blockchain with the use of FreeBSD or a BSD of their choice! To help aid this effort, The FreeBSD Stake Pool [FBSD] has put together and shares their Ansible role that greatly simplifies the process of setting up one or more relay nodes to easily expand your pool.

Pool Highlights:

  • H/W: Six (6) cores w/ 16GB mem per node (1 x producer + 3 x relays)

  • Pool Ticker: FBSD

  • Pool ID: 5808e8716e8b968c3043fc9bdc21db652c916ce97ffaddfe891db16c

  • Variable Fee: 3.14%

    Why (∏) 3.14%? We think it is a fair amount and strikes the right balance between delegate rewards and maintainability of our stake pool.

    We like Pi! The never ending number the forms the perfect circumference – like our very own Ouroboros! An environmentally sustainable, verifiably secure proof-of-stake protocol with rigorous security guarantees.

  • Pledge: 3.69K. This is a very low number by comparison to other pools. Unfortunately, this is all we can afford at the moment. However, rest assured we do have skin in this game and are fully committed to providing a robust and reliable infrastructure to stake your ADA and earn rewards.

We are excited and looking forward to minting our first block with you!

Samuel (Get to know me)

P.S., FreeBSD is a registered trademark of The FreeBSD Foundation. The FreeBSD Logo is a trademark of The FreeBSD Foundation. We as Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) operate as independent supporters of FreeBSD.

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Would like to thank @Alexd1985 for his wonderful guide and almost real-time response to many issues I had when learning about setting up my stake pool!:+1:t5:

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