Welon, The Wise Elon Musk and this is my video for all small pools like mine

I made this video because, I understand there’s a problem about this situation.
I seen this before, its. nothing new, every time there’s some competition and some early investors will amass a huge advantage over the newcomers… its not Cardano Foundation fault, its not anybody fault, the thing its that the situation on the small pools is just ignored.
No much incentives for investors to delegate their pledge, so I understand that we still have a chance but we need to be smart about it.

It piss me off when I see big influencers with their pools already saturated, they create another pool, they can be even more saturated, they move on to promote their pools again… the delegators doesn’t care about it, they want to keep their ADA staked with the influencers they already know… this is not a good situation but the worse is the exchanges, the Cardano supporters should understand that delegating ADA to exchange pool is a bad idea, even in disguise as a “savings account” something like that.
The exchanges owns your keys, if you keep ADA there you can be sure they are pumping their own pools, some will offer increased interest by the way. It doesn’t help in terms of decentralisation.

Look I’m not salty about anything, I understand that people are greedy, this is how world works right? its a game but in this game we have too many things against us. The websites won’t list our pools because they sort pools by their size and rank, the wallets will do the same, the delegators doesn’t care because they are not aware about the small pools…

My purpose is only to educate, I’m not a financial advisor.
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