What are the activities you need to perform when operating a stake pool?

Hi guys,

My first question here, sorry in advance if this has been answered before but couldn’t find nothing related to this.

I understood after reading the docs that main activities for a pool operator are:

  • Generating KES keys when need,
  • Monitor the block producing nodes and rely nodes,
  • Check performance and security of the pool,
  • Apply software updates if need

In addition to this, I understand that rewards and fees are automatically calculated and send to the delegators wallet without doing any additional action and delegators registration in the pool is automatically done.

So, what other actions, tasks or activities should an operator do?


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Spending hours to attract delegators (this is the hard port of being a Pool Operator)



What Alex said. Had a pool for only about 2 months. Up to 10 delegators and ~500k ADA staked. Convinced a bunch of friends in Cardano’s vision, but random online delegators are hard to come by. Know we are still really early. The people already reading about Cardano on Twitter and other social media sites are likely staking somewhere already. Part of our job a stake pool operators is to serve as ambassadors to bring new people into the network. I feel that our biggest opportunity is offline with people not on crypto yet. When adoption increases, we will all be in great positions.

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