What got you into blockchain/crypto?

Hi, I’m Michelle G. Jones, Digital Marketing Manager of Coinwhalenews. It is the news platform which is specialized for the latest information for the market and price of cryptocurrency.
Just out of curiosity, I want to know the reasons you got into this industry in the first place. Whether it’s passion, opportunity seeking, just for fun, or even FOMO, let me hear your opinions.
For me, it’s because I believe in the future of decentralization and mass autonomy for all.
I often update the latest news about ADA here: https://coinwhalenews.com/news/ada

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In 2017 someone hack my comp and all my files were encrypted… I have message to pay 2000$ in btc to sent me decryption code… so I start searching, what is btc,what is mining, what is blockchain, pos,POW, markets, TA, etc etc… and I find the most promising one and here I am :blush:

Hi hello got the crypto fever because a cousin of me bought btc @ 6$ after that i gott all the ins and outs of blockchain and crypto from him,he sad buy it buy plz now @6$ but i didnt i bought when it hit 90$ after that you know the story it went boooooooom moon i just bought 50btc ,cousin has 3000btc lucky guy .i am in ada 50% and 50% btc .no person or goverment or bank can control your money(crypto) you are in control.nobody in the world can stop you from sending or getting a payment from anyone.its in your hands thats the most beautiful thing i love it.