What is the best way to get cardano development related internships and jobs?

I am a college student and have been self learning cardano development. I feel to learn more I should get an internship or maybe an entry level job since I don’t have a lot of experience in enterprise software although I have made numerous side projects using multiple languages (c,c++,java,python,javascript) and libraries. I wanted to know what is the best way. Also if someone is aware, I was wondering if IOHK or cardano foundation also offer internships to college students and if no, what sort of skills or background does one need to have to start working there. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks everyone!

We currently have 5 interns at Loxe with some finishing their internship this month. Most of them are just web developers though and get to learn Haskell as a bonus. We’re requiring a practical understanding of fundamental Haskell concepts for our Cardano DApps internship. In the past we were too easy on that requirement. We want all of our interns to be able to contribute to production code after the onboarding period.

Nobody is going to impress me with their procedural/imperative programming skills or OOP.
However, if you have decent Haskell skills, understand what we are building as a company (we have plenty of resources that explain that out in the wek), and ask good questions at the interview, you’ll have a shot. This is our current, very bare bone “job” posting: https://angel.co/l/2wX9ZJ

We’re not the only ones in the field of course. One of the candidates we passed on landed at Snapbrillia - they have a much bigger team and can support more people in their learning. Check also IOG’s Technical Community Discord, there are some postings for internships.

Also, just reach out to the projects you want to work with and make it also about them.
Know your Haskell well enough, at least go through Plutus Pioneers and do all the homework with the current Plutus version.

If you need to brush up on your haskell, we also run Haskell <> Coffee at the moment.
Register: Calendly - @ Loxe Inc.
Previous sessions are uploaded on Youtube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzRV1oB99VB40ircGnuCspkIs6zrbXLAi

Hope this helps.

Hi thank you so much for the reply. This is really helpful, for the moment I am just self learning alongside college and therefore my progress is somewhat slow, but I would definitely like to apply for your internship program if it is still available after a few months. The discord you mentioned is really helpful too

I agree with @manonthemat and there is also a link to IOHK job offerings as well IO Global - Current Openings which is more full time long term listings

As mentioned there are lots of opportunities all over the place for interns. You can additionally attend some of the Cardano Catalyst discussions and get involved with Catalyst proposals, as I find there are many proposals looking for developers and non-developers to help out.

I am currently attending an internship with Snapbrillia and a part of the Web3 team, they also have Web2 team, DS team, SSI/DiD team, and more. If you are interested in that as well you can reach out to Ninh at Snapbrillia

I see, I would be looking for opportunities on these platforms then. Thank you 1

A great place to start: Careers on Cardano | Cardano Developer Portal


I did check it out although I believe I am unqualified for them currently since I am still in college. Thanks for the suggestion though.