What u guys think, are we still in a biiiiig dump nd pump or we just witnessed the best crypto rise ever?

Its a bit to fast to be true imho but i go with the flow nd dont judge that special day yesterday, but could we are in a huge pump nd dump or in a buy the rumors sell the news case?

what u guys think? let me know how u guys see it

see u at the moon soon :rocket::flying_saucer::star_struck:

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When I believe this currency has a mission and clear roadmap. Since that time I transfer all the coins from Xchange to the wallet and i don’t really care with dump and pump. Afterward What I did try to share my blood with this currency to make it on the ground in the top of people mind.

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i see it the same way, i just wrote a lot that people think this is going to be a dump nd pump nd honestly i rly dont know if it is or not, i mean i dont care i got my coins in my wallet… but if that could happend a bit later i would have much more to secure in my wallet lol, lets hope for good news in 2 days, i love cardano nd this project team!

we can beat them all!!

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