What will be kept from the merge?

When testnet merge with mainnet.
What will be kept from both of those?

Let’s say a user had
10000 ADA before the snapshot.

So now does he have
10000 ADA on mainnet
10000 ADA on testnet

And when they both merge again later, will he then have
20000 ADA + those he staked on the testnet?

If a user had 100k ada for snapshot.

They would have 100k test ada and 100k ada.

What the person did with their 100k ada was up to them.

They hopefully staked their 100k test ada. Let’s say that 100k test ada earned them 10k rewards on testnet.

That person will be able to claim 10k ada as rewards. So their ada will be what they earned as rewards + what ever their ada balance is.

The 100k test ada will always remain on testnet. And disappear if everyone shuts their pools down.

Edit. People are likely to shut their pools down as they cost money to run and there will no longer be rewards. So there is zero reason to keep the ITN pools running


for example

you had 100’000 ADA when the snapshot was made
after the snapshot you sold all your mainnet ADA.

so you still could stake with your testnet ADA.

after the merge you will got only what you get from staking.
if you didnt sell any ada you will have the 100’000 + your rewards on mainnet.

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Thanks for a good reply :slight_smile:

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