When i buy Ada

What would be the best time to buy Ada? Do you think the price will come down in februari?

There are developments coming soon, I’d buy now, but don’t sue me if it goes down! :slight_smile:


Ok thx! :slight_smile: we stay positieve! :facepunch:

If you are just planning to hold for the long-term (so that you can stake starting in Q2), then the simple answer is that “now” is the best time to buy.

It will go up with Shelley, now is super low in price…I would buy now and hold for ever

I would wait for the end of the market crash : all crypto-currencies are affected, even great projects like cardano.

I agree, I think it would be smart to wait untill after the investigations. The CFTC and SEC, along with other federal and state regulators and criminal authorities, will continue to work together to bring transparency and integrity to these markets and, importantly, to deter and prosecute fraud and abuse.

In the case of USDT chances are high that they will find fraud and abuse, this is evident because they have been subpoenaed, it’s important to realise this has pros and cons.

A regulated market will provide an opportunity for smart money to come in as there are more reasonable assurances in respect to their investment if this market is regulated. I’m personally more concerned about over regulation and taxation.

But in a sense a cleansing is needed to mature the entire crypto space, the fact is that they could not uphold reasonable standards without it resorting to government interference, to protect investors in this market, when people lose money they go to the government and courts.

I would suggest to not keep your money in an exchange related to USDT untill the congressional hearing sheds some light on the severity of the plausible fraud. As you may not be able to withdraw funds during the SEC investigation. I’m sure banks are keeping away and refusing credit card transactions to buy crypto because of this reason.

Growing pains are to be expected in an immature market, that is what we are seeing now, the good news is that afterwards the crypto space as a whole will be much more attractive to investors.

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Legal can take a looooooong time. When is this investigation over?

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