Where and how to use ADA?

Is there a list where I can spend my ADA for something useful? For example with Bitcoin, I can buy pizza, and it works relatively painless with a payment link which I just have to click, or scan the QR code with a phone. What merchants or services for ADA are out there? I found this list: https://cardano.org/enterprise/ but didn’t found details on the linked pages, and looks like it is all from one company.

Another question: Is such easy payment possible with ADA, too? For example, can I click a link, and then Yoroi or Daedalus opens with the right amount and address, and I just need to click OK to pay it? Or even easier, as MetaMask does it, integrated in the browser? Shouldn’t be much work to add it to Yoroi, if not already integrated and I missed it, because it is already a browser plugin.

PS: looks like the Nami wallet is similar to MetaMask and even supports smart contracts. I could just use it with some clicks to buy an NFT on a Cardano NFT marketplace. Why is it not mentioned from the main Cardano webpage? The only problem I see with it is that it doesn’t have an “unlock” feature, like MetaMask, and you have to enter the spending password for each transaction.

I think that those tumbleweeds answer your question. :rofl:

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I think that’s a great question. There is a desperate need for the foundation to make a list of companies that accept $ADA as payment.