Where did transaction fee go?

My new pool was lucky enough to mint 2 blocks, 1 in epoch 264 and 1 in epoch 266. According to cardanoscan.io site, the block minted in epoch 264 has about 10 ADA transaction fee and the one in epoch 266 has about 3.9 ADA. There should be about 6 ADA difference between.

However, if I check the reward balance, it appears for each block I’m receiving about the same total reward (~750ADA) for each block. It appears the TX fee is NOT accredited to the reward account, because otherwise I might see ~6 ADA difference in total reward, right?

Can someone explain where the transaction fee go? Shouldn’t it go to pool’s reward account? And if it does, in what format? As a staking reward? Or as a transaction (UTXO)?

As far as I know tx fees go to the overall rewards pot and partially to the treasury. So you don’t get the individual tx fees from your blocks, but from the pot. Hit me if I’m wrong.

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Thanks, @POOLG Your explanation fits what I have observed.

I double-checked with people at telegram channel. They also confirmed that TX fees don’t go to individual pools who minted the blocked. They go to the whole reward pot for all block generating pools.

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