Where do I find my rewards address in Daedalus

The rewards show up in my wallet. But there is no transaction in the transaction list. I need a wallet address for cointracker.com so I can track my taxes. Right now I’m spending 30 min every epoch to manually calculate and enter the rewards. What address are these damn rewards being deposited through and why can’t I see them in the transaction list?


I don’t know how to retrieve the stake address itself, but you could write a script to use sqlite to query the rewards from the daedalus wallet db. If you look at ~/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/wallets you will find .sqlite-files for each shelley-wallet you have in your Daedalus instance. Their filename starts with “she.”. Within them there is a table delegation_rewards which in turn holds the current rewards balance. Of course, only if you started Daedalus before that and it finished synchronizing with the blockchain. Starting Daedalus, waiting for sync., retrieving rewards, posting them to cointracker, killing Daedalus could all be done by the script.

Attention: If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may be destroying your wallets accidentally! Always keep backups of those files and your recovery phase safe.

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Thanks Hanswurst,

I can see the current rewards balance in the wallet gui… what I need is transaction info for the individual rewards deposits… date, time, amount… a deposit address would make it automatible…

I found 3 “she” files with the same name in that location, ending with .sqlite .sqlite-shm & .sqlite-wal … but could not open any of them. What program are you using to access the she files and which of the 3 would have the address?

You can use any program that can read/connect to SQLite databases. I used ‘Sequeler’ under Fedora Linux. I’m sure, there are many options for different operating systems.

As far as I know, there was nothing in the db that looked like a stake address to me. I read somewhere that Daedalus wallets are not compatible to cardano-cli one on purpose. This might also be true for the address format, I don’t know.

As rewards would be paid at the begin of each epoch (these points in time you can pre-calculate) you only need the previous balance and the new balance for your calculation.

As for scripting this, I have to pass. But it’s definitely possible. But it’s just a solution to your problem, not the address you wanted in the first place :wink:

I want to echo the OP. I would like to clearly see the earned rewards and I find it curious that I cannot see that in the transactions tab. I too would like to clearly know which address holds how many funds in the wallet

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They’re going to have to do something. No one will adopt Daedalus as a multicoin wallet without easily accessible features required for tracking income tax info.