Where to buy ADA OUTSIDE of Bittrex, Bitfinex, or Gdax?

Since Bittrex & Bitfinex are closed to new applications & my state is unavailable for a Gdax account, where do I go to actually buy Cardano? I have accounts in Coinbase & Gemini.

Only other one is gate.io haven’t used before so not sure if any good

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Thank you, Dan 725. gate.io lists the price of ADA as $2.55! All the other exchanges hover in the …83-.85 range at this moment, so until I can get into Bittrex or Bitfinex I will hold off. Thanks for your help.

I’ve been using Binance, but withdrawals are suspended at the moment, also it might be closed to new registrations like the others.

Personally I would love to have possibility to buy ADA directly using visa and not through exchange. Maybe this would be good thing to add as improvement for future?

Coinnest also trades Cardano…I created an account there…but have never used it…most of the characters and information are in Korean…and I do not understand it