Which wallet to hodl ada


I have read a news that was about hodlers and new shelly upgrade
on this link:
In the last part of news: "
Today’s big price spike follows news that the Shelley upgrade is now underway, just as scheduled. ADA hodlers can now begin moving their funds to updated Cardano wallets, which will make them eligible for staking rewards on the mainnet once they become available beginning August 18."

so my question is which cardano wallets: “make them eligible for staking rewards on the mainnet”?
for example “yoroi-wallet” or “atomicwallet” or "guarda " which of them?
is it good to hodl coins on these wallets?
maybe in the future some other reward or future happens also.
which parameters must involve in choosing wallet for hodl?

thank you

Hey @xmoooz

You will be able to stake with Yoroi and Daedalus at the beginning, i guess a few more will follow later.

Imo its better to hold your coins on your own wallets rather than on a exchange, remember not your keys not your coins!

Imo security is the number 1 prio. everything else is a nice to have.

If you have any futher questions, feel free to ask here.



I like Yoroi. It’s simple, functional and developed by the awesome team at Emurgo.

Plus, I was a Chromebook user and Yoroi was the only option for me.

Thank you so much :ok_hand:

sorry, but what is your reference? i want to know ref because maybe in the future they change or new wallet will add, so I want to not to ask such question in forum again and I only follow that reference.

yes security is first rule but some wallet has extra feature like yoroi support stak
i asked for those extra features.

one more question is that:
Daedalus is full node wallet or spv? its storage size will increase day by day?


i agree imo the best solution is currently a hardware wallet like the nano ledger + yoroi/daedalus. with that setup you have a very secure solution which allows you to delegate and stake with your coins.

Correct. Daedalus is a full node wallet where Yoroi is a light wallet.