While connecting ledger nano x to yoroi for the first time

Hey guys, a newbie here. I have just been setting up my ledger nano x on Yoroi. After several failures connecting to Yoroi it finally did - I couldn’t get to the below stage where they ask you to export public keys but it did connect finally after turning computer off and back on again.

I was just wondering where they ask you to confirm the public key to be exported, on Emurgo’s official video posted a year ago, there was only one public key export screen asking to confirm whereas on mine with the latest firmware of nano x (1.3.0 if I recall correctly) it was asking twice - once something that said “main account” with a long combination of numbers and letters and when I validated it by pressing two buttons it went onto the next screen asking to export public key and had Byron Account #1 with all these numbers etc. Moving to the right on the screen it had an option of either confirming or reject X. I’ve confirmed it and saved it to complete the procedure. It seems I’m in the wallet now. I haven’t transferred any from my exchange yet but I just thought I’d ask the more experienced users here if what I did was right. Thanks for your advice.

It’s fine, now

  • move 10 ADA from exchange for test… then connect the ledger on adalite.io or restore on yoroi (uninstall/reinstall yoroi on your browser)
  • if after restore u will see the 10 ADA it really means the ADA can be accesed via ledger and u can move all funds to the ledger

Happy delegation!
If u have doubts please ask


Thanks very much for the heads up, I was about to do a test transfer of a small amount as well but I was more worried about why it asked me twice and it looks like it may be to do with the below from github.com:

Shelley and Byron - ?Shelley being Main Account and Byron (read only) account which is an old version and they are automatically requested. The post quoted below was put up in July 2020 but I guess it hasn’t been rectified yet. On Emurgo’s video it doesn’t show twice to export public keys so I just wondered if it was legit.

@MichalPetro MichalPetro commented on 31 Jul 2020

Currently, HW wallets need to export 2 account public keys in order to load both Byron addresses and Shelley addresses balances. We need to make the Byron public key optional for users not to bother users that already transferred funds to Shelley addresses.

I would like to add a checkbox “Load legacy Byron wallet balance” to the HW wallets login screen (with some explanation). The checkbox will be by default checked for 1-2 months and we will uncheck it after.

Also came across here at How to delegate, stake your ADA on Cardano Shelley with Ledger Nano S/X with Yoroi wallet? | by AdaPointPool | Medium

At step number 8 it says the device can ask to confirm public keys twice and just to confirm it twice.

It’s all very confusing but I’m cautiously learning. :slight_smile:

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