Ledger Nano S Confirm Export public key


I am trying to connect my ledger to Yoroi but when connecting it says this on the device. Anyone come across this.


yes, totally fine. You have to confirm this.


Translating to English, it is saying that it is sending the public key out so that you can use it to tell apps who you are. As to where the export is going, it is configuring at least one app with this identity,probably the wallet in this case.

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I recently got a nano x and it was asking exactly this but twice - one said “main account” and the other one said “Byron account #1”. This was my first time setting it up and I have never had a Yoroi wallet before. Is it legit? I’m using the latest firmware 1.3.0 I think.

Same here, it asked me twice, I hope it’s correct.
Do we need to store these keys?

Nope, u don’t

forst time when u use ledger? Then bkp the seed words and any other password use (if u use PIN or passphrase)
Then send 10 ADA to ledger… disconnect the ledger and connect it again, even on adalite.io

Try to make an internal transaction(copy one address from receive section , go to send and try to send 2-3 ADA to that address)
If everything is working fine after all these tests u can move all funds to ledger

PS: testing with 10 ADA also is recommended when u are transfering the funds from exchange to wallet … first time try with small amount and always check twice the receiver address

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I also felt worried when I got that message “Export Byron account #1”.

Do you have any plan to change the message from “Export ‘Byron’ account #1” to “Export ‘Shelly’ account #1”? Or remove the Era name?

If u will not use a Byron wallet then u don’t need it

I added the wallet with Yoroi and selected the Shelly wallet, but I got the message “Export Byron account #1”. I tried twice and got the same results.

Also, I added the wallet with Nami, but i didn’t get the above message.

The addresses are started with “addr1” and I could start staking so there is no problem so far, but it makes me a little worried…

U can also use adalite.io

I think that changing the message makes a little more user-friendly for future Yoroi and Ledger Nano S users. Just my two cents.

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Apparently this confusion is coming from calling getExtendedPublicKey function twice. It is checking if there is any balance in Shelly and Byron.

The the improvement is already implemented on 4.8.0. They implemented getExtendedPublicKeys function.