Who can explain the available rewards showing in Cardano scan (535 ADA)?

RAZZI stake.addr is the original pool stake.addr for the [BEY] Pool that is retired in Epoch 273.
LedgerX is the second stake.addr as a second owner where I was staking my ADAs with my own (BEY) pool that I retired because I minted zero blocks and decided to retire it and stake my ADAs with other pools.

500ADA could be the pool cost for registering the pool which u received back when u retired?

yes - the deposit comes back as a reward after de-registration… little bit strange…

it should be deposited in my stake pool address ( RAZZI) not the ledger X stake addr ( the second owner).
What about the 35 ADA. The refund amount should be 500 and not 535 ?
Isn’t the refund should be available in epoch 274 because i retired the pool in epoch 273?
what i am trying to get into it, is that, could it be possible that i was receiving rewards from staking 40K ( almost 3 months ) ADA in my BEY pool that never produced any blocks?

what address did u set as reward address?

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Nope, no blocks no rewards

I think you got it, when I added the second owner (HW-stake.ddr), i changed the pool reward account.

Could you copy the ledger stake addr here? should have a history of what happened with that on cardanoscan.io


i got nothing clear, try it.

All wallets from adapools have the same total controlled stake of ada

if i submitted the retire pool request in epoch 272 ( which has been retired in 273 ). the ADA should be sent back to the reward account in 273 or 274?
do you have any idea why 535 ADA not 500 ADA ?

This is the history of rewards till epoch 271, wait for the new epoch and u should see the 500 ADA for de-registering the pool


yes - someone used this address and staked it already on 4 different pools.

If u calculate the rewards from above tabel u should have

Rewards Withdrawn

37.314003 â‚ł

Rewards Available

  • 35 from epoch 257+258+259

  • 500 should be visible next epoch