Why am I unable to put my amount to delegate to a pool?

Why am I unable to put my amount to delegate to a pool?

Its not possible to delegate only a part of your funds, because when you choose to delegate, you always delegate the whole wallet.

If you want to delegate only a part of your funds, you would have to create multiple wallets.


But I want to put the entire amount, however, the amount area I can’t fill … I type, but the value doesn’t enter

You dont have to enter any value there because it automaticly delegate your total funds.

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But no value appears … the field is empty … I tried to put only the password and delegate … but nothing happened.

You dont have to enter anything. Keep the field empty and click delegate :slight_smile:

I can recover my payment password? because it says it is incorrect.

You can restore your wallet with your seed if you forgot your spending password.

and how do it?

should i have wronged my payment password… but I have the password words.

Just add a new wallet and use the restore function. Im sure there are plenty of Youtube videos if you need help.

OK thanks. I’ll try

Zyroxa. I think I got into a scam … in my recovery words there was one in Portuguese … and when I went to restore and type the words, this one specifically stated that it didn’t have any results … I’m sure I wrote down all the right words … reviewed several times. is it normal for a word to come in Portuguese?

To be fair im not sure what software you are using.

Id definitly contact the support for any futher help.