Why Can't I restore this Phrase?

See below. I should be able to type any 24 words and restore a Cardano Daedalus Wallet. Yet, Daedalus tells me that this isn’t a valid recovery phrase. Shouldn’t Daedalus try to use the seed provided?


How does restricting the ability to create 24^2048 possible combinations using the BIP-39 wordlist make Daedalus any safer to use? Is Daedalus trying to check with a central server if this phrase has been created by someone somewhere before?

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I have not looking into it, but i would not surprise me if some 24 word phases are not valid.

No, it is not checking some central server.

Most seed phrase formats are actually 1 word shorter than they say. Usually the last word is a checksum.

A checksum takes all the other words and combines them in some mathematical way to create the final word. Both the word and their order matters in calculating this checksum.

If you knew how the Cardano checksum function worked you could determine what the 24th word above is supposed to be.