Why do PPL hate Roger Ver?

He did not tell people to convert their BTC into USD but into BCH because BTC was going to die when all the hash power would flip to bcash. So if you had followed his advice you’d still had lost 70% (because BCH is still BTC’s slave just like any other altcoin).

Of course what he says makes good sens when you don’t know all the facts remember he is a con artist! That’s why he is dangerous, he acts on people ignorance and builds on it. His tweets are clearly not addressed to bitcoin veterans but to all the new people that are coming into crypto and have not witnessed what happened…

I don’t have a problem with people forking bitcoin (it’s just another kind of attack Bitcoins needs to learn to defend against or fail). The problem is the deception around it: the pump and dump + spam attacks, the bitcoin.com phishing attack the lies he tells on his twitter account… The fact that apart from supposedly lower fees bcash brings nothing new, Litecoin has lower fees and faster confirmation than Bitcoin too…

This topic is about why people hate Roger Ver not about Bitcoin governance which clearly has its own issues. My point is I don’t like Roger Vers because he uses market manipulation, pump and dump + spam attacks to cause fear and force people to switch to his so called better version of bitcoin and for me that’s not acceptable hence the fact that I don’t like him like many other people in the crypto space.

The biggest danger with BCASH since they don’t have the core developers on their side is that they’ll make a mistake which will cause a major hack (they did get their difficulty adjustment algorithm completely wrong the first time) and make a lot of innocent people loose a lot of money…

I go from fiat to LTC to ADA, I am a diehard Litecoin fan! Charlie sell’s decentralization better than anyone else :smile:

@_2072 You are right, this thread is about why people hate Roger and I will not insert anymore information about my thoughts of forks and who is involved and the history of why they may have come about - can’t blame anyone for hating him - I discredit bch based on it being a undeserving dividend to btc holders.

That is a pretty hard-hitting post! Wow!

I have a dear dear old friend - who is actually the one responsible for getting me turned on to crypto > I now understand that he is a BTC MAXIMALIST. He adamantly claims that BTC is the unquestionably best form of money ever created… why does he feel that way? He made this statement in late 2017 when fees were at their peak. I don’t get it.

I stopped reading this article half way thru because it simply appears to be a character-bash. Accusations and assumptions of malicious intent all unsubstantiated. Sure, it makes the point that most likely Ver is no angel and that’s probably true - but personally, on a gut level - I don’t buy this kind of bashing, and rather it leads me more to question the bashers themselves.

To illustrate my point - right at the beginning of this article the author is doing exactly what he is accusing Ver of supposedly doing: namely, misrepresenting facts in an attempt to manipulate opinions of others for his benefit >>> Ver here is accused of sell “explosives”. While technically/legally the term is accurate - while in reality he was selling fireworks. But by harping on this term “explosives” the attempted effect is obviously to manipulate the reader into thinking that Ver is a terrorist who sells weapons meant to cause human injury/death.

I read most of this and admit that regarding the fine points about mining etc etc I am not able to fully understand > however to me the “tone” of this rant looks to me like someone who is bitter and angry about the fact that business competition exists. If Ver and BCH firmly decide to make an honest “go” of a new project, can you blame them for doing whatever they can to make it work. I am not able to judge the morality or the validity of all of these accusations - but rather just say that it looks like someone upset about have clever competitors.

It may appear that I am taking the side of Ver and BCH, and that would only be because I think he is correct in that BTC has scalability/fees issues and something should be done about it. My own personal interest in crypto all along is that I desire an actual currency that I can use for payments with my business — BTC used to work for this, but now, NO WAY. So I agree with Ver that BTC has massively deviated from what was written in the WHITE PAPER (peer to peer payment system), and I think he has got the Balls to try to do something about it. Perhaps some of his methods might be immoral but in a dog eat dog world of finance this might be understandable.

Check guys out TenX video on possible BCash attack vector: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cuImsvmSf4

I’ve been researching further into this question and come to some conclusions:

It seems to me now that absolutely the main thing that BTC maximalists want to preserve is decentralization - and what that means to them is that a COIN should not have any ‘leaders’ who can control/manipulate it. BTC CORE tends to regard Ver as a person who wants to be the leader/boss of Bitcoin and that is the real reason he created this hardfork. This is the fundamental reason they hate him > all of the name-calling and accusations are simply immature tactics for trying to discredit him.

I think it is a pity that BTC maximalists engage in petty badmouthing of Ver - rather they should just simply state that they do not support BCH because they feel it is too centralized. This way the people observing would learn something about decentralization, rather than get caught up in an adolescent school-yard fight which give all of crypto a bad name.

This vid explains the logic behind why BCH was created.

Does VER actually control BCH?