Why do PPL hate Roger Ver?

I’m just curious if there are some objective people here who can answer this question… I don’t really get it, why Ver is so badly hated. Seems to me like he makes good points, and he is doing his best to promote the coin he loves… he is called a “scammer” but is he really?

When I watch the whole thing from a distance, to be honest, it is the BTC core people who seem to come across as immature >>> Am I wrong?

He tried to “fire” bitcoin core developers by creating BCASH (by forking Bitcoin) and make people think it’s the real bitcoin (he controls bitcoin.com).
He was probably the source of the very well and precisely coordinated recent spam + dump attacks on Bitcoin adding to the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt that BCASH was actually replacing Bitcoin because the later couldn’t scale and fees were becoming too high…

To me he is just a deceptive con artist and cannot be trusted at all.

Edit: the spam attacks were not performed at fork time but later after most people had dumped their forked coins (see my answers below for more details on this)

Why do you call ‘Bitcoin Cash’ as “bcash”. I have never seen this term “bcash” used ANYWHERE except in instances where someone is accusing Roger Ver of something that they can not prove. [I am not saying I am a fan of Ver or anything like that, I am just an objective newbie to all of this and noticing things]

I’m calling it BCASH to remove “Bitcoin” from the name because to me it’s just another shitcoin with zero value added compared to Bitcoin. I followed closely what happened when BCASH was forked out of Bitcoin and the deception, market manipulation, fake news and FUD spread by Roger Vers and his minions was just disgusting.

Don’t forget that what makes Bitcoin strong is the dev team behind it ; BCASH has no such dev team and was built over nefarious intentions.

Can you present specifically some of this disgusting stuff you refer to here? If there is so much of it then it must be an easy task to show us what you are referring to. If you are not able to present this offensive material then to me it looks like empty bad-mouthing and name-calling.

I love seeing btc enthusiast’s involved in discussion @_2072 it reminds me of my own venture into forking a coin, I won’t be defending Roger here just to be clear - & - I do not think bch is a valid currency cause it essentially has been a dividend for undeserving holders of btc and I believe it was designed to be a divedend, not to replace btc, moving past all that; bch is here to stay, and holders of btc should thank him for being a forward thinking individual that added value to their holdings, it was a very clever move to take the blockchain and add wealth from nothing
I might have to attempt it with ADA as a dividend - they are open source - ADACASH is coming, will people hate me for throwing money at them?


Too much work, I won’t be involved in ADACASH.

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This strikes me as an intelligent reply…

It really is just a witness account of what they (I) have seen, Roger identified a way to increase his holdings and now that he has branded it he has to stick to the brand for public relation reason’s I am sure - bch is bitcoin - in his words, does not mean that it is bitcoin in any way but people dislike him for attempting mass adoption and ripping the chain away from the foundation (or core) which he is capable of, the guy is very intelligent, I expect to see another fork on bitcoin from a prominent member as soon as the the lightning code has run the beta test, and then people will be hating on them.

I think what you are saying is part of the equation. I think there is a lot more to it however. Read my post on the “Conspiracy Theory”. I suspect that Roger was somehow used by the Banksters. I think the Banksters infiltrated BTC with people who would block Roger’s attempts to make BTC more scalable > the idea was to SPLIT BTC in an attempt to “divide & rule” and effectively 'bring down" the bitcoin threat to the bankers. Very hard to prove this theory but I am convinced that something like this really has happened.

The most important element is to remember that he is using bitcoin.com to spread his bcash propaganda to all the newbies coming into crypto world that are uneducated and will actually believe that bitcoin.com is actually the same as bitcoin.org and bcash is the new Bitcoin. (this is just like a phishing attack)

I was going to look for some of his tweets from last year but actually the tweets from today are good enough (he keeps on claiming that bcash is the real bitcoin):

Here he is, on CNBC, spreading FUD and lies on bitcoin telling everyone to sell their btc into bch before it’s too late: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7s7-09-oms (and he also says that insider trading is a “non-crime” after the dramatic listing of BCH on Coinbase).

He is acting just like Donald Trump: If you tell a lie often enough more and more people will believe it and eventually it will become the accepted truth…

Here is a good summary about Roger Ver: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@gank/the-truth-about-roger-ver-and-bch-and-why-you-and-your-usd-should-stay-away

The following blog article sums up quite well all the manipulation that went through the different events involving bcash: https://medium.com/crypt-bytes-tech/bitcoin-vs-bitcoin-cash-attack-or-war-b683ad98f0f7

Finally here is a link to a graphical representation of Bitcoin’s pending transactions over the last 6 months: https://dedi.jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#6m

There you can see the abnormal spikes representing coordinated spam attacks matching exactly with the big blockers’ agenda (making bitcoin core unusable to support the ‘fact’ that bitcoin had indeed become unusable):

  • November 8th: segwit2x is cancelled
  • November 12th: pump bcash / spam + dump bitcoin attack
  • December 19th: Coinbase lists BCH by surprise (along with the same attack pattern than on the 12th of November)

On a more technological aspect you should know that if Satoshi made the current block size of Bitcoin and time between blocks as it is today it’s for good reasons. Making the blocks bigger is not a long term solution and actually weakens the network in various ways: because blocks take a longer time to be spread more hash power is wasted mining invalid blocks (the wrong chain) instead of securing the actual block chain… Bigger blocks also mean that fewer people will be able to run a full node making the network even weaker and more centralized. So when Roger Ver claims that bcash is more secure and reliable than Bitcoin he is indeed lying.

I just have to wonder why you think that people would come together and build something awesome and everyone sticking to the same plan- we are talking about libertarians here - free thinking people that do not have an issue with exploring new idea’s as they come up.

Have you seen this video that is at the top or r/BTC today? It puts into clear words my understanding of the events. As to whether Blockstream has folded or not, I think that is up for debate. For years I have struggled to comprehend Blockstream’s actions and gas lighting and have lost much confidence in BTC and it’s leadership as the result. Losing confidence is something that I did not want to happen as I held dear the promise and hope Bitcoin gave to the world. Blockstream stole that dream for themselves. If banksters are involved they might be some of the investors behind Blockstream and it appears the goal might be to funnel much of the profits from the system into their own pockets by monopolizing the innovations only into their own stack. The fork of BCH was an unintended consequence and one that they lost control. I supported the fork at the time and continue to do so. BCH’s success illustrates the brilliance of Bitcoin’s design and resilience to attack. It is a system capable of routing around malady and surviving. What we are witnessing now is damage control by an ecosystem that is losing power. They could have had it all, Ethereum, Counterparty, everything built upon it and probably at a valuation of something like $50,000/btc or more by now. But some got greedy and tried to become the one ring to rule them all, and then got bit in the butt when the scalability test came in the latter part of 2017 and BTC and Blockstream were not ready. Roger Ver is now the scape goat, the excuse for their failures. They need an enemy to blame to turn their faithful against. What is amazing to me is the BTC maximalists seem to pretend that they don’t have any competition or maybe don’t recognize that they do. They attack competitors as scams and not worthy, especially BCH, while they rapidly lose market share. I’m glad the fork happened, and the cryptocurrency space has fleshed out. Blockstream couldn’t hold it off long enough to gain the upper hand. Their campaign of misinformation, censorship, personal attacks, gas lighting and stalling failed to create consensus in the community, failed to prevent the fork at the time of the Segwit activation and is failing to destroy Bitcoin Cash and the promise of a secure and open system anyone is free to innovate upon.

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I will take some time to look fully into all that you have presented here - however on first glance it looks to me like - yes if someone is invested in BTC then it would be pretty terrifying what Ver is saying because it can hurt my investment. However myself as someone almost totally uninvested in BTC I don’t have any emotional attachment or financial stake in it so I hear what Ver says and most of it makes good sense to me. Especially, I don’t find anything dishonest or misleading in what he tweets. Sure, very tough to swallow for those invested in BTC, but you have to admit there is truth in what he is driving at.

Regarding the first part of that first vid you posted, I admit that he is bashing BTC pretty hard, but keep in mind that this was made on Dec.20 right at the PEAK of the BTC bubble and Ver was correct in predicting that folk really might need to “bail out” of BTC in the near future > just look what has actually happened! > since that interview BTC has lost 70% of it’s value.

I will study the rest of what you posted and comment further > thanks for taking the time to post all this stuff :slight_smile:

Yes EXACTLY! That is why it has been so easy to manipulate the leaders of this community, and why nobody is really questioning or suspecting that a manipulation has taken place. It is just like when the CABAL wants to take over a country. They see that there are 2 ethnic groups, currently living side by side in peace, but with some potential “sensitive spots” due to some old historic rivalries …so the easiest thing in the world is to go in there, do a false flag attack on one group, blame it on the other group, get them all fighting with eachother, and then step in as peacekeeper and thereby take over that country.

Yes I saw this video but must admit, as a relative newbie I need to research more about Blockstream.

Your comments make a lot of sense to me!

This is a posting I bookmarked. It is pretty much what I witnessed and how I feel.

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this is interesting…

Luckily there are better options than bitcoin now, I left the scene in 2014 to return this last November and I will confirm that everything in 2015 in that article you bookmarked was happening in 2014 with extreme prejudice, bitcoinist’s did not want any opposing technology and would band together to ridicule and damn alt’s and even other developing partner’s in the core that wanted bitcoin to expand with their own vision, I centered mainly on alt’s cause I could smell the corruption surrounding the bitcoin development and wanted none of it, occasionally hard core bitcoinest’s would attack alt’s and several of them failed cause of it, that video is a good visual representation of the btc core but in no way can truly explain how corruptly the foundation and core has been at centralizing the btc blockchain, btc to me is just the flare of a sluice box where riffles play the biggest part of collecting gold and the coins emerging from btc technology are the riffles, and I would do without btc if I could,as soon as I can exchange fiat to ADA you can be sure I will not be using btc again.

I too left about that time disillusioned with what was going on. I thought they were going to destroy it. I jumped back in when the price started going up again, not wanting to miss the boat. But that was only temporary and now have distanced myself from that mess the best I can. Bitcoin has a major governance problem and I don’t see that be solved any time soon or even any attempts to solve it, only continued attempts to discredit others. Luckily we have choices, and like you say, there are better options now.

Can’t you go from fiat to BCH or ETH to ADA? That is what I do because of the fees.