Why installing Daedalus requires admin privileges?


Hi guys, new to the forum and Cardano in general. Just downloaded Daedalus and wanted to install it but is asking me for admin privileges so my question is why? I never install anything in my laptop (Macbook Air - OSX) so I was a little hesitant.

Thanks for your help.



The Daedalus.app program accesses the following paths:


Daedalus.app creates system level folders, like in Library and private that need more rights than a normal user has.

It really comes down to trust - do you trust the app you are installing?

I applaud you for taking the cautionary approach on installing software!

The screenshot below shows the CA, if you click on the lock in the upper right when installing Daedalus.


I suppose eventually they could pay apple to allow them to host their app, which would install without a password prompt but the same issue remains do you trust the app even if it is on Apple Pay to play App Store?

You might consider grabbing this trial Tracker app and learning a little more, seeing that you get it already I think you will appreciate it. Look for the download link that says “Download your Xfile Test Drive for macOS (10.4-10.13) here.”

Trust is earned after all.



Thanks for the detailed explanation but no, I don’t trust apps much less that trial tracker stuff you recommend, so if I can learn via a web page then good but installing apps to learn not so good.

Now, as you said, if the app was downloaded from the app store then I’d trust it a bit more except if it asks me for admin privileges then no, sorry but an app doesn’t need to mess up with my system in order to do something as simple as web protocols and stuff.

I’ll keep learning and install it only when confident. Thanks anyway.


You really should read the Tracker app info: http://rixstep.com/4/0/tracker/
even if you do not install it, read and learn.

The only OS I trust at all is, https://www.qubes-os.org

Trust no one.

One more thing, if you install any apps and they are not installed in your Application folder then you have trusted them implicitly.



This. Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look at it.