Why 'smart'phone requirement for voting on catalyst

So, I’m a fossilized dinosaur and I communicate via nokia bananaphone + desktop computer, this means that I cannot participate in catalyst, I wonder what’s the reason for the whole android/iphone requirement? I thought you voted with your wallet…


Hello @Klaffin

Catalyst registration and voting is available for mobile and desktop on Yoroi and Daedalus. For Yoroi you can just install Yoroi extension on your browser on desktop and register + vote from there. Here is a link from IOHK with all supported platforms and wallets for Catalyst:

Except step 3 says; " Prior to registration, you must install the latest version of the Catalyst Voting application on your mobile device (version 0.1.15) Please note that iPhone 6 and before are not supported. "

Mobile device can be a tablet using Android OS. No need to use a phone. You just need your tablet to be connected to internet and Google Play Store. This is the easiest way to do it with no phone. Plus usable tablets are way cheaper then phones.

You could also run a phone emulator. This is a bit more involved since you would have to find a way to enable QR code scanner to work for your emulator. However, if you can handle some cut-and-paste coding instructions it can be done. This way you can run a mobile app on a desktop instead of a phone. Like this: