Will defi will be a bridge to government for cardano?


I see fight with eth for the huge market piece. Defi probably will retaken by cardano from eth after goguen. After that this is a bridge to talk with governance

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As John D. Rockefeller said, “Competition is a sin!”.

Look, Ethereum DApps can be written in a array of languages, wich are very well known to programmers, while IOHK built their 2 languages, Plutus and Marlowe, to create the DApps for Cardano blockchain. (and I do not known ATM if other languages can be applied to the Cardano blockchain)

This said, some people will want to “play” in Ethereum blockchain, and others will want to do it in Cardano blockchain.

Meaning that theres room for everyone.

probably, this is like apple and microsoft, forst others will be just too expensive to migrate to cardan

I do know that in the long-term IOHK wants the Cardano blockchain to be interoperable.

But just like it happens with many other things, and I do hope the blockchain industry doesn’t turn out to be centralized, some people will want Cardano and others Ethereum blockchain, same with Apple and Microsoft. You allways have fan boys.