Windows security alert when connecting Yoroi wallet to Nano S

When I try to connect the Yoroi wallet to Nano S after setting up the wallet in the Yoroi Chrome Extension, I get a Microsoft security error that prevents me to proceed. The error says that Google is wanting to verify my identity and that I should attach my “key” to the computer’s USB port. I unplugged the Nano S and signed in again thinking that would do it, but I just got the same error and don’t know how to proceed. Can anyone please help with this?


U can let the warning in background and continue to connect ur ledger; if this not helping u then u can connect ur ledger via (Connect with WebUSB).


This is a known issue and you can simple ignore the popup → Fix for Windows 10 security popup – Ledger Support


Hey guys,

sorry for swooping in a current discussion but i am facing exactly the same problem only that it is not possible for me to “ignore” the popup.

Am I overlooking something?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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Connect ur ledger on or daedalus wallet


This is not possible as the entire web browser is locked and unresponsive as long as the security popup is open.