I keep getting a security alert when trying to send a test amount to my atomic wallet from my Yoroi wallet

I could not remember if I used my Nano S or Nano X when I set up the Yoroi wallet.
I tried them both and every time a pop up appears that says: Windows security Making sure it’s you. Please sign in to emurgo.github.io. This request comes from chrome published by Google LLC Touch your security key.

I want to be sure I can access my ADA as after putting it there, I have never tried to send any since I set up the wallet. Suggestions?

This is the expected behaviour from Yoroi wallets when using a ledger device, Seb explained about the need for that prompt here


How do I send? I don’t understand how to get past the pop up?

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Please check the video here for the same

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Thank You! I sent a test amount to my atomic wallet. Just wanted to be sure I can access when I need to.

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