Withdrawal from Bittrex

Hey folks,made a purchase from Bittrex a few hours ago,tried to withdraw but seems to be stuck,usually withdraws within 2-3 minutes but currently stuck in pending withdrawals…I noticed when i loaded up my Daedalus wallet today,it didn’t take the usual 5-8 minutes to sync,it actually synced within 10 seconds,not sure if relevant but thought id point out…Is there currently any issues with the Blockchain or is this issue due to Bittrex .Thanks for your help.

UPDATE: Bittrex have disabled the ADA wallet…No purchases or withdrawels.

Hi guys,

I bought my Ada in https://bittrex.com/ but they have disabled the online wallet. Bittrex says on their product page that it is waiting for a software update from Cardano.

Anyone know any updates. I want to keep these safe in my wallet but unable to do so.

Any news on this software patch to enable the wallet?

You just get left hanging in here mate,nobody has replied,just have to wait until the team get themselves organized and patch the issue…


I have contacted support.

For people to check and in the same boat i have included the stats page (sorry i said products page).




Bittrex - Wallet Disabled - Pending developer code patch - Sat Dec 30 2017 19:14:14

any problems ? you check bittrex status page


Hi Sailor,

Thanks, If I get a response I will post it here.

I think we have to relay on what we get and past experience.

Hopefully support will get back to me. I bought ada just as a long term but also some to play with the wallet I have on my PC.

I am really hoping they achieve what they set out.

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Thanks a lot mate.

I have the same problem in BITTREX. But nothing from Cardano developers???

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Sorry to hear you guys are having issues. IOHK developers are working on this issue: https://twitter.com/InputOutputHK/status/947868162913169408


Thanks for letting us know.


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IOHK could also improve their comms. From twitter the updates seem to be quite copy-paste-y. Not enough when the currency is experiencing a rise in prices in other exchanges.

Maybe giving some info on:

  • Origin of the issue
  • Are there any security implications?
  • ETA, if it exists
  • Alternatives if available
  • Relatively inaccessible info on the incident.
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There is a live stream on the 15th Jan. They are asking for questions and feedback.

May be good to submit your questions there as well?