Withdrawing pool profits to external wallet

I see plenty of guides/talk on how to extract your SPO rewards from your stake address to your payment.addr directly on your BP node itself -to your pledge address in other words. Fairly straightforward. But how would you go about withdrawing to an external wallet, say from your stake address on the BP node to a Daedalus wallet? Keeping in mind transaction fees, etc. Just confused a bit on that. Thanks very much for the help.

Yes you can do that, you just use your payment keys to pay for transaction and you can withdraw to any address you want.
here is the documentation page on withdrawing rewards: https://docs.cardano.org/projects/cardano-node/en/latest/stake-pool-operations/withdraw-rewards.html

Thank you, yeah, i saw that guide and can follow it, but having a tough time getting my brain around bending that use case for an external wallet destination. I mean, in the case cited, they simply withdraw to their payment.addr which is trivially paying for the transaction - in the case of an external transfer, who pays for the transaction and where do you specify the ‘paying for transaction’ wallet from the ‘destination to send all the big money to’ wallet?

I ended up just withdrawing to the payment.addr for simplicity reasons. From there now, I can move the money’s out if needed. Thanks for the help lauris, I appreciate the quick reply. Best to all.

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