Withdraw Rewards via Any Payment Address


Can staking rewards be withdrawn by ANY payment address so long as the withdrawal transaction, defined here, is signed by the appropriate stake address signing key?

Thanks for any help.

You will need to have the signing key for both, the stake and the payment address. See here

cardano-cli shelley transaction sign \
 --mainnet \
 --tx-body-file withdraw_rewards.raw  \
 --signing-key-file payment.skey \
 --signing-key-file stake.skey \
 --out-file withdraw_rewards.signed

Hi Tom
Can you explain to me how to withdraw or unstake in the Shelly wallet, I use yoroi. I am brand new at this and have only staked for 2 epochs. Is there a min amount of time before you can withdraw( unstake) ?
Thanks for your time

What we are taking about here is how to withdraw pool rewards if you are a stake pool operator (SPO). If I understand correctly, you’re not a pool owner but someone who has delegated his/her coin to some pool. In that case, these coin are still in your (Yoroi) wallet and you can spend them any time. If you like to delegate to another pool (i.e. re-delegate), that can also be done any time. However, the delegation to that other pool will only take effect next time the active stake snapshot for all stake pools is taken (i.e. epoch N+2 usually)

Thanks Thomas
I’m actually trying to figure out how to unstake my Ada from a pool I have delegated my Ada to, I have read that you go to dashboard in your Shelly wallet and there should be a withdraw button, but there is none for me. I was wondering if it will show up after the 3rd epoch is over and I receive my rewards for the first time

Sorry, I wouldn’t know about that. AFAIK, there is no benefit of not delegating - perhaps you find a better pool to delegate to. Re-delegation should not be a problem from your wallet. I use Daedalus with Ledger X