Unstaking in the Shelly Wallet

Hey Folks
Can someone walk me through unstaking in the Shelly Wallet? I assume you have to create a new wallet within yoroi and send it to that?


Are u using yoroi?
On your dsshboard u should have a withdraw button. Click withdraw . That will display a pop-up with some information and the option to de-register.


Yes I’m using yoroi, there is no withdraw button, I just staked 2 epochs ago, would I have to wait until I receive my first rewards ? There is a button that doesn’t respond (WI)

Yes, wait for the first reward and check after if the withdraw button is available.

Go to the “delegation dashboard” look for the “withdraw” tab Click “withdraw” then select “deregister” after checking the " I understand" this completely de-registers your staking address and transfers your rewards to your wallet at the same time.

Thanks very much Alex much appreciated. It’s not that I want to unstake yet, but I want to be prepared

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