Wrong time stamp in transaction

Hi there,

I sent some ADA from Kraken to Binance and the transaction timestamps are incorrect. It made it appear as if the money was received in Binance before the withdrawal in Kraken. Anybody know why this is happening?

Transactions do not directly have timestamps (the block containing the tx has a slot_no which maps to a timestamp).

How big is the difference in displayed timestamp? Could it be due to time zone differences?

Also, one or both of these exchanges may be using the time the transactions was confirmed (which may be after 5 blocks of 10 blocks or …) rather that the block timestamp.

The difference is 4 mns. The timezones seem correct on both exchange (GMT).

That means the difference is due to how one or both of those exchanges assign timestamps to transactions. That may be the timestamp on the block, or the timestamp when the exchange considers the transaction confirmed. 4 minutes is 12 blocks which is not an un-reasonable number of blocks to wait for confirmation.