Yoroi 2.2.2 - Pending Circle of Doom

I did manage to restore (upgrade) the wallet in Yoroi wallet, then managed to stake on a pool.

After all this Yoroi 2.2.2 shows me the Pending Circle of Doom for hours …

Fix :

1.- Removed the Yoroi 2.2.2 Chrome Extension.
2.- Installed it back again from the Chrome Web Store.
3.- Restored the wallet (Shelley Testnet Version) and skipped the wallet upgrade.

The funds appeared again, but if I select the “DASHBOARD” tab, the total ADA appears correctly but the other sections are stuck with the “PENDING CIRCLE OF DOOM”.

So, not sure if I’m staking on a pool or not.

And after closing and opening Chrome, it works, I’m staking …

same problem with no success - Total Rewards and Total Delegated section is still not showing

Same problem here in Holland. Yesterday i saw one time (once?) my first earned ada and total amount staked in the pool cardanians, after that first time the same problems as you mentioned above.

today the problem is solved. i can see all again.

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I can post a screen shot of the exact same thing. Three days and no feed back. Great.

A mi me aparece que no puedo transferir los fondos de mi billetera, que puedo hacer?

probably a known issue - see details under the link

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hola, yo reinstale la extención y coloque los fondos en un delegado pero no me estan asignando los rewards, a que se debe?

Quando has hecho tus delegaciónes? Tienes que esperar quelques épochas.
Epoca n: election de pool por delegación
Epoca n+1: esperar
Epoca n+2: delegación empeca
Epoca n+3: Rewards por época n+2 son distributos.

Pérdon por faltas de lengua…

Fijate si el pool al cual delegas crea bloques. También si genera recompensas. Luego revisa si estás efectivamente delegando en él. Y finalmente, revisa si tus fondos están en la wallet que delega a ese pool.