Yoroi and Tokens

I am used to other blockchain but I love Cardano the most.
If I am receiving Cardano blockchain token ABC but Yoroi is just giving me a receive address and not letting me selecting the token (like
In othe blockchains).

I guess the wallet will just know that it’s ABC token when I receive it and make a lne item for it??
How does that work? Thank you

Hi, yes custom tokens are part of the protocol and do not require a separate address. You just send a receive address and the custom token will be part of the transactions. There is still a small amount of ADA that needs to be sent together with that token.

In Yoroi, you will be able to see the custom token when you go to the Send tab, as part of theSelect Asset dropdown.

Also it will be visible as part of transaction data in the transactions tab.

Sorry but I am desperate for help. Trying to send ADA out of Yoroi and it’s giving me
Encryption error!!

Any advice?

Are the tokens visible in the summary section in Yoroi?

Yes sir. They are all there.

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Thank you!

@SycOps Thank you! :slight_smile:

Just for the archive and for users looking for a solution. This question was resolved here: