Yoroi Byron Era Wallet Problemt

I have my ADA in at a Byron era Yoroi wallet. I’ve got a Shelley address now but am unable to get my Ledger to connect in order to send them to a new address. Any ideas? I was able to set up a new Yoroi secured by my ledger but still can’t send. I get the spinning disc as it tries to connect. Tried to set up an Adalite wallet and I got the spinning too. Maybe an internet speed problem? Any ideas or any help would be appreciated.


Connect you ledger on adalite.io and check there if u can send your ADA out of byron wallet


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Thanks. I did try to set up an Adalite wallet but I will try again.

So do you have a Byron wallet which is secured with your Ledger hardware wallet? Not sure if i understood that correctly.

No need to setup, just connect the ledger and check if u can see the balance for byron wallet

Would you mind opening a ticket on this? We’d like to explore this further.

Visit our official website yoroi-wallet.com or just click the Help button in Yoroi.

Let’s try to get this sorted.