Yoroi doesn't load after logging in


I just opened a new account on Yoroi and after I login, all I see are ‘spinning circles loading circles’ under my balance, rewards, etc.

I also made an ADA deposit into the account. On Cardanoscan, it states this has been completed.

I’m not sure if I just wait or resync my wallet?
I tried logging out and logging back in.
I’m using PC version.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Hi I am having similar issues with my Yoroi wallet
Apparently this is due to Yoroi not syncing to the blockchain, and does not mean our funds are compromised.

Thanks for the response! Just wait and see I guess

Restore the wallets (but first check the seed words) on yoroi mobile version. If the seed words (the balance) is fine, then delete and restore the wallet from browser version

Now I can see my balance on mobile version. Desktop version is still syncing been around 10mins.
But at least my funds are received in my mobile wallet and everything seems to work on mobile.

Thanks for the help!

Now, delete the wallet from yoroi browser and restore it again :beers: