Yoroi wallet won`t load

Gday, I have a problem with my Yoroi wallet chrome extension loading. I have restored my wallet several times to no effect. The new update fixed it for a few days and then it wont load again. My laptop has plenty of storage and I have tried to load it on several other devices with the same result. i cant sync my iPhone version either as the laptop wont load and I cant use it because the spending password is now different. People have told me to use the instant support form but Im not keen on writing my seed phrase on it.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with Yoroi. No matter what you do NEVER share your seed phrase with anyone.

You can reach out to Yoroi via their help form below but it is not necessary to nor should you provide them with any important personal information.

“Instant support forms” that want your seed phrase are not real! They are scams! Good that you haven’t used it. Never use them!

Spending passwords are not synced across devices. To access your wallet with a new device you only need the seed phrase. A new spending password is set during this recovery/import, but it is only the new spending password for this device. The ones on the other devices stay the same.

If you forget the spending password, but are very sure to have the seed phrase, you can just delete the wallet and restore it to set a new spending password.

Especially the “several devices” part is strange. Yoroi sometimes is a bit slow, but consistent complete failure to load across several devices? Perhaps, the Yoroi support linked by @Andrew_Charalambous can help you.

Never share your seedphrase woth anyone. Anyone who asks for your seedphrase is a scammer. If you do, your wallet will be recreated and your coins will be stolen.