Yoroi error message

I’m trying to send ADA with the Yoroi wallet, but it says only “an error occured”, see screenshot:

The address is working, it is from my Daedalus wallet and I got ADA to it from an exchange.

this is because I see the balance is 1 ADA… so perhaps yoroi sync issue, have patience,

PS : are u really trying to send 0.8 ADA? because the min should be 1 ADA so you will need a balance 1ADA + fees

Yes, I was trying to send 0.8 ADA. The error message “An error occurred, please try again later.” is not very helpful, if 1 ADA is the minimum I can send, because I can try as often later as I want, it wouldn’t work I guess?

But right, looks like 1 ADA is the minimum:

Together with the high transaction fee of about $0.40 at the moment, looks like it is not replacing regular money anytime soon.