Yoroi is a HORRIBLE name and the importance of alliteration in marketing and adoption

Very well put answer alltogether, but the endphrase made me chuckle :slight_smile: i a gre that a deeper meaning that refelcts the intelligent heritage is preferential over “just” marketing. at least for me, i bought in for the idea behind the goals of the network, and enjoy waking up to a 68ct ada ^^

Disagree. Great name and I love Japanese culture.
Daedalus horns freighten me more, remember wife entering while blockchain was syncing lol
Simbolically Icarus died was burned by sun but Daedalus was wise and managed to fly. Some sun logo would go great with Cardano one some wings are something would be optimistic and uplifting.
Horns of a bull is minotaur, labyrinths, and being lost. :slight_smile:


Actually, considering that the highest branch on this forum is “English”, this is actually the perfect place for an English-centric rant. And for the record, my rant is extremely well founded and backed up with research. Don’t confuse “don’t like” with “unfounded”.

That said, I am happy to use Adalite because aside from the terrible name, Yoroi works like crap when trying to delegate and won’t even work for me. Adalite does.

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I think Daedalus firts very well, wasnt he the designer of the labytinrh the minotaur was stored in, for his own protection, a he was prior a valued son, im a bit vague on the mythological details but as soon as i saw the deadadlus logo i was struck :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the input :slight_smile: You are 100% right he was the creator of Labytinth. :slight_smile: However the association itself what passes your mind, the security or being lost finding way out encountering minotaur hard time, the horns?
Cardano logo on the other side is emerging, coming to light association with the sun…

And AdaLite directing all stakers to their own pools (have 10+ now), without info on other pools or how to find them and place addresses at least since the start of staking. Purely business which I understand 100%. Web wallet… No mobile versions. Yoroi is better, but dissociating with Cardano by website a little and some issues with pages… Daedalus seems to be only really stepping up from which I saw last couple of months…

Never been able to get Yoroi to work. Not developing their own wallet was another major misstep by IOHK

agree completely, we need strong and proper MARKETING! great tech is not enough and will fail without great tools that could sell it to the masses. thats the fact. do not neglect MARKETING, dont make this horrible mistake.

Let the community to vote a new name?