Can anyone point me in a direction on how to transfer ADA from Yoroi-Ledger?

Im not really sure what you are asking.

Would you like to transfer ADA out of your Yoroi wallet?

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I want to transfer ADA from Yori-Ledger to an exchange. I had ADA staked for some time with my Yoroi-Leger Wallet but when I try to transfer it I have no ADA available to send. This is the message under my ADA balance but not sure what I need to do to withdraw.

This balance includes rewards (withdrawal required to be able to send this full amount)

Short version: You click on the Withdraw button in Yoroi:
You can also choose to unstake and get your 2 ADA deposit back in the same process.

Long version: Other wallets can withdraw in the same transaction as sending saving one transaction fee. It’s just Yoroi that implements withdrawal as a necessarily separate action.

Also: Theoretically, you could get two more epochs of rewards, when you do not deregister and take the deposit back immediately, but leave 2 ADA or so in the wallet and wait for ten more days, before withdrawing and deregistering. Depends on the amount if that is something to consider.