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I have a very simple question about Yoroi, when you open a Yoroi wallet it displays the pool you are delegating to if you are delegating to a pool. My question is how to change the icon displayed from the default icon to a custom icon? Is this related to the PoolMetaData.json?

Thanks in advance.

It is related to extended metadata if u are talking about the pool logo

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As @Alexd1985 mentioned it’s related to extended data. As Yoroi uses results from Adapools the extended data is the following:


You don’t need to include everything, buy you can specify values you are interested in.

Implementation is described in the first line of that document:

…in other words, in your pool meta-data document you add an extended json field that points to the document with extended data.



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So I was guessing this is the case. The problem is Adapools is showing the icon specified by the extended.json perfectly but for some reason, it isn’t showing up in yoroi?

When did you submit the changes that include the icon? Maybe it’ll take a day or two to update the image related caches. IIRC I noticed the same behavior and eventually the icon showed up. Also, sometimes Yoroi services get a bit slow and no icon gets displayed at all.

Sorry for the late reply. I made changes to the pool Icon weeks ago and still nothing.

Please see if you can spot the problem.

Those urls lead to a HTML document, not to an image.

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Ahh, I’m an idiot.

I should then rather use these links correct?


yes, direct url to the image