Yoroi Shelley ITN 15-word recovery phrase? Is there one?


Just trying to confirm the process for redeeming my rewards into my new Shelley-era Yoroi wallet from the Yoroi Shelley-testnet wallet.

Yoroi 3.1.1 doesn’t seem to support it yet, but something is bothering me - what 15-word phrase will I need to use to redeem my rewards?

When I set-up my Yoroi Shelley testnet wallet (using the web-browser extension in Chromium), I recall that I needed to enter the 15-word phrase from my ‘live’ (Byron-era) Yoroi wallet, which was them used to take a ‘snapshot’ of my ADA balance. This balance then appeared in my Yoroi testnet wallet and was used to earn the rewards on the Shelley ITN. At no point do I remember getting a separate 15-word phrase for the Yoroi testnet wallet.

Am I correct in this, or did I somehow miss-out on recording the 15-word phrase for the Yoroi testnet wallet? (a bit of a disaster if I did!)



Nope, you are correct. For yoroi it’s the same 15 seed words as the wallet used for the snapshot.

It’s only daedalus where a new wallet was created for staking on ITN

Oh fine, I am in the same situation and I was a bit worried. I can’t find the 15 words of my yoroi shelley testnet wallet (that now it is dicontinued), I only have the recovery phrase of my yoroi byron wallet, that I used in somehow to create the testnet shelley one.

So, to remove any doubt:

-I have to install the latest extension of Yoroi mainnet in Chromium, restore my old byron wallet (with 0 ADA) and than claim my ITN reward
-I have to install the latest yoroi mainnet extension, create a new Shelley wallet in Chromium and lastly redeem my ITN rewards?

I know I should put some ada in the wallet to receive the ITN rewards

I don’t believe the order matters, except if you claim Byron wallet first, you already have ada in Shelley wallet to pay for reward redeem transaction.

That time, after delegation I moved all my ADA from the byron wallet, so I haven’t any ada on it.
I’ve just created a new shelley wallet through Yoroi, now I went to the page with 2 cards, I chose the shelley’s one, than I chosed to not deregister the staking key (even if I didn’t quite understand its meaning)… and I received all my rewards, with a small fee


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