Yoroi Shelley ITN 15-word recovery phrase? Is there one?


Just trying to confirm the process for redeeming my rewards into my new Shelley-era Yoroi wallet from the Yoroi Shelley-testnet wallet.

Yoroi 3.1.1 doesn’t seem to support it yet, but something is bothering me - what 15-word phrase will I need to use to redeem my rewards?

When I set-up my Yoroi Shelley testnet wallet (using the web-browser extension in Chromium), I recall that I needed to enter the 15-word phrase from my ‘live’ (Byron-era) Yoroi wallet, which was them used to take a ‘snapshot’ of my ADA balance. This balance then appeared in my Yoroi testnet wallet and was used to earn the rewards on the Shelley ITN. At no point do I remember getting a separate 15-word phrase for the Yoroi testnet wallet.

Am I correct in this, or did I somehow miss-out on recording the 15-word phrase for the Yoroi testnet wallet? (a bit of a disaster if I did!)



Nope, you are correct. For yoroi it’s the same 15 seed words as the wallet used for the snapshot.

It’s only daedalus where a new wallet was created for staking on ITN

Oh fine, I am in the same situation and I was a bit worried. I can’t find the 15 words of my yoroi shelley testnet wallet (that now it is dicontinued), I only have the recovery phrase of my yoroi byron wallet, that I used in somehow to create the testnet shelley one.

So, to remove any doubt:

-I have to install the latest extension of Yoroi mainnet in Chromium, restore my old byron wallet (with 0 ADA) and than claim my ITN reward
-I have to install the latest yoroi mainnet extension, create a new Shelley wallet in Chromium and lastly redeem my ITN rewards?

I know I should put some ada in the wallet to receive the ITN rewards

I don’t believe the order matters, except if you claim Byron wallet first, you already have ada in Shelley wallet to pay for reward redeem transaction.

That time, after delegation I moved all my ADA from the byron wallet, so I haven’t any ada on it.
I’ve just created a new shelley wallet through Yoroi, now I went to the page with 2 cards, I chose the shelley’s one, than I chosed to not deregister the staking key (even if I didn’t quite understand its meaning)… and I received all my rewards, with a small fee


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I set up a Yoroi Shelley wallet and connected it with my Nano X.
I don’t recall seeing a 15 word seed phrase in that set up. Does anyone know if I linked my Ledger Nano X with my Yoroi-Shelley then perhaps I don’t get one or need one?
Just want to check in case something happens with my computer.


With ledger you only have your ledger seed. Not individual seeds for each asset.


Thanks @Lgbeano! Makes sense. Naturally, I got quite worried that I had missed the seed phrase, but I’m sure it wasn’t offered because I attached my Ledger. :pray:

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So, once the Shelley wallet has been created, is there somewhere in the app/extension that I can look up the 15 word recovery phrase? I can access my wallet, but I can’t see the recovery phrase anywhere. I want to move my wallet to a new pc, but in order to import the wallet I need the recovery phrase.

No, the mnemonics are not saved anywhere (as clearly mentioned in warning when creating the wallet). What is saved is private key which is encrypted using your spending password.

If you dont have the seed but do have access to wallet (and have spending password), best way ahead is to send the funds to a new wallet. And make sure you dont lose the seed words next time.

PS: Best to open a fresh post if any follow ip queries, as your query is different to orginal post of this thread.

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Hi, I am currently trying to redeem incentivized testnet rewards with deadalus. before send all my ADA to deadalus wallet I would like to be sure if I am able to redeem.

what are those 15 words I have 24 words for my wallet recovery phrase. I am writing down first 15 words out of my 24 words but system says incorret recovery phrase

do I need to use another 15 words in order to redeem.

I have 1 ADA to my deadalus wallet should I send at least 10 ADA before redeem is it the problem.

I really would like to stack my ADA for long term but deadalus makes it hard for me or I am not able to understand the whole process.