Yoroi undelegate option needed/ Daedelus Testnet error - Seed missing


My seed is gone (yes I know…my fault) for my testnet/reward wallet but I still have access to Daedelus (mainnet/testnet) and Yoroi (testnet) on my Mac. It’s not the whole world since I got my “real” ADA safe.

First will Yoroi implement a undelegate option? It would fix my issue as described below.

I’m in limbo now since I can’t undelegate through Yoroi & Daedelus Testnet wallet is buggy after latest version update with the “0 ADA and delegated to unknown pool” error. I earlier deleted files and had it recovered which fixed it.

But I can’t delete all files because it will trigger the “recover wallet” process.

I want to undelegate and transfer my testnet ADA to my newly created wallet on the testnet so I can use my new seed in the future.

Should I wait for upcoming release for this to be fixed? Or can I do something myself/ any files I can delete/ downgrade version/ without trigger recover wallet?


If you choose another pool for delegation, undelegation from the current pool is automatic.

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yes, but some people would like to undelegate.

There is 2 ADA refundable deposit when you delegate… in practice that is never refunded as you can never undelegate.
If there are tax implactions for delegating (wish some people think there may be), and you want to undelegate, good luck on youri.