Yoroi Wallet: need to recover every time on start up

Hi all,

I’ve been comparing Yoroi and Daedalus as my wallet for ADA. Picked the first one since I would like to able to check my wallet on my iPhone. It was quite easy to set up, transferred my tokens from Binance and started staking them. So far, so good.

But every time when I start the app it’s logging in (by using Face ID), but I can’t see my wallet. Instead I see the two options to add a wallet and after that I can choose between create, restore and connect to a Ledger. Do I really have to use my recovery phrase every time I open the app or am I missing something here?


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I never had this issue on my iphone, do u have the latest app version, right?


Hi Alex, I do use the most recent version!

Strangely enough it seems to work fine now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, do you still have this issue? I am facing the same… Thanks !


Hi, after an hour or so I was able to see my wallet without having to use my backup phrase. Still works fine!

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Hi, I am having this issue. I have to also change the name of my wallet to restore. Two days of this.

I’m also having the same problem (only a couple hours in so far). Has anyone found a solution? Or does it seem to correct itself over time?