Yoroi wallet restore

Hey cardano family, I have an issue could you please help me.

I deleted yoroi app and downloaded again. And find out that I don’t have 15 words password. I thought it was temporary thing.

I have wallet password and I know my wallet address.

Is there any chance to restore my wallet back ?

Hi @Kuka18,

The wallet password needs the wallet software to be useful. The actual always guaranteed access to your wallet is only provided with your recovery phrase! This is THE MOST IMPORTANT phrase to secure!

However, I am thinking, that maybe if you were using the yoroi phone app it might work to restore a backup of your phone. I have not ever done this and don’t know if it works, but I can imagine that if your phone backup still is not overwritten it should still hold your yoroi wallet and restoring the phone might get your wallet back so you could use your wallet password to get access to it. In the unsure event that this might work you then need to create a new wallet, secure the recovery phrase and send all your ada to the new wallet.