Yoroi Wallet sign out & log in feature under Google & Firefox Extension

I believe, this is not a rocket science to add this enhancement under Yoroi wallet, which is log in password & sign out feature.Because this wallet is under Firefox & google Chrome extension & any one can see the balance of ADA holding, if the reach PC or Laptop. I hope Emurgo team will consider this enhancement under google chrome & Firefox extension.

Adding a signing password is something we want to add but it’s actually more complicated than it looks because web browsers don’t have native capability to encrypt locally stored data (when they designed this they didn’t think about crypto use cases where encrypting data locally is important). That means we have to handle encrypting the database ourselves. With the new version of Yoroi coming out for the Shelley testnet doing this encryption will be easier (we’ve refactored our database with this goal in mind).

Sign out and a “forget wallet when I close this tab” are both features we plan to add after Shelley also (ability to forget the wallet when the tab closes is also a feature we’ve taken into account when rewriting our storage layer).


Hello Sebastien, Hope you are ok. I want to ask one question. when Shelley main net launch, the Yoroi wallet layout & functionality same as ITN Yoroi?

It will be similar, yes. Haskell Shelley works slightly differently so it will not be exactly the same, but overall it will be same experience

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Thanks Sebastien

Hi Sebastien, i have registered for cataylist fund3 from Yoroi wallet. But there is 0 power for voting. How long this will take to resolve this issue?