Youblob - Online Makerspace enabling Rapid Prototyping

Hi, we would like to conform our solution to the Cardano ecosystem.
Are there any Rust developers that would like to join in this endeavour?
We are currently part of Angel Challenge in Norway, and hopefully we will get some investors for the project.

If you want a more in depth view of our world, our whitepaper can be found here:

…well, as a sad follow-up, we did not get any investors yet.
All we need is a php/javascript developer, and if we want to make it really fancy pancy, add a Rust developer.

Here is a list from all the stuff so far:
2012 - Startup Weekend - place
2013 - Innovation Norway - Startup Funding - Denied, Innovation height not great enough
2015 - Innovation Norway - Commercial Funding - Denied, Innovation height not great enough
2016 - Innovation Norway - Commercial Funding - Denied, Innovation height not great enough
Quit my job, and worked full-time on the project since 2016.
Found the solution on how to enable Industry 5.0 (…but that is boring), what I really found was a way to enable AI to produce prototypes for us in the future, AND incentive the users who shares their recipes.

I really need a developer for our project, and it needs to connect to the ADA ecosystem, as it relates so heavily on the academia part, and will allow for future liberation.

I can elaborate a bit on the “Innovation height not great enough” part.

Back in 2015 I had to explain them what blockchain tech was all about. Even before my project was introduced. My presentations was more what cryptocurrency was, than the actual “solution” we were developing.
They did not comprehend. Mentioning Bitcoin however, they said it was laundry of money and other lame premonitions they had, and immediately shut all doors.

How is a highly technological advance for the populous to ever see the light, if no-one understands it.
In 2017, a friend worked with me on the project, it took him about 4 months before he came up to me said “do you know that what you are building, it is revolutionizing? This is fucking awesome…”

I do not know how to proceed without the help from a community anymore, I have spent all my energy and savings on this.
If you are a php, javascript or Rust developer, send me a pm, or add me on skype: roarblob

When a person invest their life into making a better solution for the humanity, how can that not be profitable for everyone?
For me, it has been a ride down the labor train and spending all my money on something that no one seems to care or understand the possibilities around. So I am a bit sad.
It will not ruin my life, you can go and put your patent applications whenever.
I just automate it, and connect it to open source solutions.
We disrupt the patent regime that exists.
We disrupt the need for commercialization.
We disrupt the need for global transportation.
We disrupt the need for indictment into the blockchain technology.
I want to make things simple. (and build it on top of Cardano ecosystem)

Sorry but this is how low I can get.
I have never asked for money before, only from governmental issuance.

If you would like to support this project, you can send some to the Youblob Development Fund

Or perhaps the Cardano Foundation could set something up with alignment to the Qeditas project through a Smart contrant :slight_smile:

Have you spoken to Emurgo?

I’ve applied for funding through Emurgo and SOSV yes, but apparently to no avail. :sweat_smile: