15 words for incentivized testnet (INT) rewards

Hi, I am currently trying to redeem incentivized testnet rewards with deadalus. before send all my ADA to deadalus wallet I would like to be sure if I am able to redeem.

what are those 15 words I have 24 words for my wallet recovery phrase. I am writing down first 15 words out of my 24 words but system says incorret recovery phrase

do I need to use another / different 15 words in order to redeem.

I have 1 ADA to my deadalus wallet should I send at least 10 ADA before redeem is it the problem.

I really would like to stack my ADA for long term but deadalus makes it hard for me or I am not able to understand the whole process.

Hey @wanderlustige

Those 24 words are probably for a new shelley wallet and not the correct seed from the ITN.

Please double check if you are able to find the 15 words for the ITN.

If you dont find the seed but however have access to your ITN wallet via Yoroi, please see here : Cardano Community Support FAQ

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


there must be easier way. do I have to use yoroi. I just want to use deadalus. Stack my ADAs and get yearly %5.14 income as ADA. maybe video of how to stack or any step by step narration etc.