4.5.2 Wallet Lost Issue?

So I am running into a similar issue as well. When the node loads I see my wallet and transaction history. I have confirmed my recovery phrase and I see the keys and addresses in settings. The moment it gets to 99.11% my wallet disappears and I have to “create”, “restore”, “pair”, “import” into 4.5.2

I go to restore I enter the phrase as its written down (it was confirmed in this same exact order successfully) and on step 3 of 3 it just says “error occurred” when I try to import that also errors out…so it exists till the node completes. I have all mine staked in a pool (should still be staked I havent moved any of it). Has anyone else had this issue with 4.5.2?

I have macOS 11.6, all my information keys, phrases etc have been confirmed and I have pictures and video of the node loading to confirm the wallet and everything exists till 99.11% then it “disappears”

How much RAM has the MAC?

8Gb but Ive run the nodes on it since july this year

Yeah, could be because of the ram or an issue with Daedalus… try to uninstall and install again

8GB ram is probably not enough anymore.

Id recommand you to use a lightwallet like Yoroi or Adalite.

The last time I ran it was Nov 4th before i flew to PR for a few weeks…so just uninstall Daedalus and reinstall. is there any concern of not being able to restore my wallet using the key or anything if I do this?

I just bought a new mac it should be here next week but till then this is semi stressful lol

If u have the seed words and if u successfuly restored in the past should be no issues… anyway wait til the new MAC will come… you funds are safe

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As Alex said, just restore your wallet on a lightwallet untill your new computer is ready.

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i heard yoroi is a good option from a friend of mine and Zyroxa you also suggest this…not familiar with this process - is there documentation on Cardano support site that covers the necessary steps to do so

Its pretty straight forward.

Download the browser extension from the offical website. Yoroi-wallet.com

Create a new wallet → restore your wallet with your seedphrase or connect your hardware wallet

awesome thanks so much guys for the help! I will keep ya posted when the new mac comes in or any issues going forward

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