505 ADAs aren't not in my Wallet after send it from Daedalus


I try to make my Setup with this guide:

I made my Address and i have sent the 505 ADAs from my Daedalus Wallet but if i execute this command:

01_queryAddress.sh myWallet
I see no funds. But the transfer is completed as i see in Daedelus.

Maybe can help me someone?
I have lost 505 ADAS :frowning:

Thank you


Are u talking about the 500 ADA COST for registering the pool? U will teceive them back when u will retire the pool;


An Address is a public thing, you can check both, the sender and the receiver here. When the receiver side shows nothing, check the Tx on the sender side.

Thank Alex, i see that you are very active to help the community. I appreciated that a lot, Are you also in Spain forum, do you come from Spain?

Yes the 505 ADA are for register the pool. And if i check die Address in Cardanoscan - Cardano Explorer i dont see the transation… Yesterday i made other transfer with oder Address with other guida to testing and i see there…
Thank again you for your support.

Thank you, just sitting in front of my pc for daily job :slight_smile: meantime I can answer to people here in forum :slight_smile:
nope, I’m from Romania but I know few spanish (I made a course long time ago for Orange Spain :)) )

check your address on cardanoscan.io and see if it has founds or not

Hi again Alex
The funds are not there…but i have -505 ADAs in my wallet.
2021_03_08_12_44_46-not found - Cardanoscan and 1 more page - Work - Microsoft​ Edge

Could i resolve this issue?

I have found thus information inside the transation wallet:

2021_03_08_12_52_25-Address 610630314830c59c74d043155021742b6d4667a0303c1ba88ba30b3694 - Cardanoscan

The 505 are there but not in the Address…
How could i solve that?

Thank you

I think the guide is wrong…i have sent the ADAs to a address that is still not validate with the keys… i see other guy with the same problem in the guide forum…Is there some possibility to obtain again the funds?

Thank you…

but where did u sent them? to which address?

yes, try do delegate that wallet/address

I made the address with this command:
02_genPaymentAddrOnly.sh myWallet cli
ls -al

as in the guide said…

ok, and what files were been created?

myWallet.addr myWallet.skey myWallet.vkey

great, and now you should stake your wallet

But if i try to execute this command:
01_queryAddress.sh myWallet

I see any funds inside, and i can’t not continuing with the guide if i don’t see the 505 ADAs in the address.

I’m in this point:
2021_03_08_13_32_44-Generating wallet keys - Cardano Node Installation and Configuration Guide and 4

I don’t know what to say… cut your wallet address and paste it on cardanoscan.io… if it’s showing funds is ok, if not meaning u send ADA maybe to another wallet…

did you create payment.addr file in your process? run this script, what do you get back?

cardano-cli query utxo \
    --address $(cat payment.addr) \
    --mary-era \

Hey…now with the same command: 01_queryAddress.sh myWallet

I see the ADAS:
2021-03-08 16_30_32-Window

I dont know why the process has needed a lot of hours!
But i can go again with the instalation :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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I’m having a similar issue. What was the resolution?
Was it just waiting for your node?