A letter to a friend- fix for connection issues-

Friends. No philosopher stone needed. Although it does give intuition i’m told.
…before your next angry post. Give this a go.
To ensure seemless service of Cardano. Dryland is not a myth, I have seen it.

  • You can’t park you car here
    I’m looking at you traders :wink:

-Do not sync multiple client wallets. On the same network.This includes browser plug-ins. (meta,mew, delta)
Its like being at an Ethereum Founders reunion. July 2015 alumni.
Everyone has been drinking and they all wanna tell crypto tales at the same time. V.B brought Canadian beer then sipped diet coke all night. D.D.

-Finally if you hit the wall in the #EndlessSyncZone. Keep calm, don’t blow a giga-bite and delete anything.

Throw down airplane mode walk to your modem

Unplug it and plug it back in

Now wait,
Ever hear the one about the old bull and the young bull? On the hill? Ask a BTC Rancher if you have not. Fire it back online an… Keep R goooinngg.

Daedalus will snap right back into sync. Take your time like the craftsman.

Your Friend, your brother, your son. M



Give this a boot see what shakes loose.

This will help resolve issue when the router is the problem, or the network, or a wifi - TCP/IP problem, so it is a good idea and should be added to the list of things to troubleshoot. I like it.

For people with stale open.lock files on a Mac, permission issues on Windows, or time sync issues >20 seconds they will still have to go through all the troubleshooting steps until they find which of the many causes is specific to their computer. So the issue may lie on the computer, or on the network.

It would be nice to have an network indicator showing how many nodes the Daedalus wallet is connected to (like Ethereum) because if it drops to 0 then that would be an indicator of network problems.

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The craftsman busy at the workbench has been the most consistent for me. Keep Daedalus in the hole shot position of your home network and everything else figures itself out. I have encountered issues with sync, only when introducing Daedalus like a hammer stone into my connection.