A smile @ada😀

It is looking very good for my ada breaking 0.06$
It must now aiming to 0.10/0.15$ short term,longterm dreaming to break alltime high 1.33$ need fast shelly&dapps.overall marketcap now nearing 300billion also a good signal.
Keeping my fingers x guys🙂
Happy ada holdings :+1:


i dream and hope the same Salem, But i think it is not realistic we will touch the ath 1,33 in the next 3 years. Also last week Ada was not doing well in comparison with the other top 15 currencys, even one off the two most bad :-). although i am very happy with the doubling in price we made in 6 weeks this year! i believe strongly in the future off the project and ADA and i will be very happy when the price rises to 0,15 end 2020. HODL!

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.40 - .50 USD price range by years end.